Embun: A Malaysian Ubuntu

Embun is a free operating system, based on the very popular Ubuntu Linux, with a Malaysian flavor. The distribution was created especially for Malaysian people that haven’t tried yet an open source operating system. Like Ubuntu, Embun is a Live CD that you can try without installing, but if you like it and you want to install it, there is an installation icon on the desktop.

So what does the name mean? Embun means ‘dew’, a moisture condensed upon the surfaces of cool bodies especially at night; something resembling dew in freshness, purity or power to refresh.

Embun is nicely customized with a translucent (glassy-like) icon theme and a very refreshing wallpaper. But wait, that's not all, because Embun also contains some very useful applications that you can't find in a regular Ubuntu distribution, like a very nice, popular and easy to use BitTorrent client called Deluge, one of the most attractive Internet telephone called Gizmo and a great CD/DVD recorder called Brasero.

Let's have an in-depth look at the installed applications to be found in Embun:

• Beagle - Desktop search tool
• Tomboy - Desktop notes (post-it)
• ClamTK - Virus scanner

• F-Spot - Photo manager
• GIMP - Powerful image editor
• gThumb - Image viewer
• XSane - Image scanner

• Deluge - BitTorrent client
• Evolution - E-mail client
• Firefox - Internet browser
• Gaim - Internet messenger
• Gizmo - Internet telephone
• RP-PPPoE - ADSL Internet service interface for Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet connections (and those which connect to Internet via a DSL modem)
• Terminal Server Client - Manages remote connections such as RDP and VNC.

• OpenOffice.org - Complete Open Source Office Suite with a word processor, spreadsheet and presentations manager.

• Brasero - CD/DVD burning application
• Totem - Movie player
• MPlayer - Movie player
• Rhythmbox - Music player
• Serpentine - Audio CD creator
• Sound Juicer - CD extractor
• Sound recorder

• Firestarter - Open Source firewall for Linux
• GParted - GNOME partition editor
• Synaptic - An easy to use package manager that allows you to install, uninstall, reinstall applications.

I also like the inclusion of the number one movie player for Linux, MPlayer and let's not forget about that very easy to use (and setup) firewall called Firestarter. All in all, Embun is not an Ubuntu-based distribution designed exclusively for Malaysian people; it is also for anyone out there who might want to try yet another (nicely) customized Ubuntu operating system.

You can download it here.


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