GoblinX 2.5 Mini Linux has Released

The first release candidate of GoblinX 2.5 Mini Linux edition, a Slackware-based mini live CD, is ready for download now.

The GoblinX Mini Edition is the son of GoblinX and contains only XFCE as windows manager and GTK/GTK2 based applications.

The edition is the release candidate indicated for tests and final search of bugs to correct. This edition main upgrades are: Added gtkhDInstall, gtkImods, Liveremaster, File-roller, Nautilus-actions, P7zip. Added Font-bh-ttf and the default cursor icon theme. Added Abiword dictionaries for default languages. Changed some themes and backgrounds. Corrected some bugs and errors. Upgraded few packages. Upgraded Magic Center and other interfaces. Changed modules names. Included lzm scripts for Nautilus and Thunar. Removed vim and ttf-indic-fonts packages.

Download GoblinX Mini 2.05.rc_01 here.


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