Installer/Uninstaller for Debian, Ubuntu and Mephis

Automatix2 is a graphical interface for automating the installation (and uninstallation) of the most commonly requested applications in Debian based Linux operating systems.

Currently, Automatix2 supports Debian based distro like Ubuntu and Mepis.

Some features:

  • AX2 is written in pygtk and works on a bash backend.
  • It has an uninstall feature for all options.
  • Completely reworked UI and design
  • Categorization of all applications (by no means complete, we intend to add more apps and move some apps to more appropriate categories)
  • Uninstallation and Installation (obviously not of the same app) can work simultaneously with uninstallation preceding installation to keep the whole process as safe as possible.
  • AX2 will not overwrite your sources.list unless you explicity tell it to do so.

Automatix2 is a graphical interface you can use for the automatic installation of the most popular applications for the Debian based distros. Thus, it works with most of the Debian based Linux distributions, from the wide-spread Ubuntu versions such as Dapper, Edgy or Feisty, Gutsy to Debian 4.0 (Etch) and Mepis 6.0, 6.5.

To give you a brief idea on what Automatix2 is capable of, I will tell you that I have installed the Opera browser on my computer through only 2 clicks: one to select it and one to press the Start button! Actually, this would be the entire "philosophy"of how to use Automatix2: 1. select item(s) you want installed on your PC from a list, which is pretty generous I could say; 2. press "Start". I do not even imagine how you could possibly do it easier than that.


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