Absolute Linux 12.0.7 has released today

Absolute Linux, a light-weight, Slackware-based distribution featuring the IceWM window manager has released update version 12.0.7. Fairly extensive changes in terms of bug removal and added features. Major fixes include mounted external volumes writable by users as well as root.

The clearFstab script was tamed, GUI login no longer leads to any missing resources problems, GIMP scripts were patched to ensure that they work with new 2.4 series, ePDFView replaces xPDF as default PDF viewer, Firefox updated and now also includes all header files to compile web-apps against, installer available (as root) for folks lucky enough to legally use 'restricted' multimedia files, Audacity 1.3.3 included, CheckInstall version 1.5.3 works and has been patched to behave nicely... and lots more.

Bug Removal
clearFstab (used to enable switching between auto and non-auto mounting on Absolute) has been fixed, so that it will no longer remove any bootable, swap or floppy devices from fstab which are /dev/sd

Fixed mounting of volumes (such as USB STICKS) to mount them UID,meaning users can mount them and WRITE to them properly.

Updated to fix un-merged resources in custom startup. Fonts and language settings should now be correctly configured on GUI login

Font Update
Pulled bitstream fonts that were not used and put in DejaVu for better language support. Also putting lots of graphical fonts in GIMP extra package where they are actually used. (CD2)
HTMLpage and Nedit now both use a programmer's font called Dina.

Replaces gimp-print package for nice printing from the GIMP.
Most noticeable feature is that a PPD selection is no longer required on printer setup, just pick you printer and away you go...

Has replaced xpdf for viewing PDF files.
Mimetype in ROX-Filer and firefox handling changed to accommodate.

Reintroduced. Latest beta of audacity now builds with wxGTK-2.8.3, with unicode -- happy days, it's back!

Updated mime-type handler for OpenOffice writer to again use swriterRox.sh script. make usage clearer when OO not installed and when installed before reboot (and path update has not kicked-in yet...)

Etc package
Font changed on system dialog boxes (usr/share/pixmaps/colorboxDOH.rc) Multimedia file about, installer and uninstaller scripts added

Updated (recompile) w/o skins or GUI enabled (due to the fact that we now use smplayer frontend.) Winds up being about 1/2 MB smaller package, despite inclusion of HTML docs.

Multimedia Installer
This is for those who are legally able to install DVD and video codecs.
Script in Icewm menu (as root) to "install Multimedia Files" downloads some, compiles a lot, and installs all without any needed interaction.

Updated to work with multimedia files, latest builds.
Required rebuild of firefox with all "dev" header files (see below)

Updated to - I have read not needed on Linux, but the header files for Firefox were needed to compile mplayerplug-in. (i had gotten lazy and installed prebuilt -- compile time is quite long...)
Also set handler for OGG files properly for audacious.

Still use old version 1.5.3 (no bugs), however, updated the checkinstall script to no longer automatically install the created package, default arch type is now i486, and install/soinst.sh is not packages if empty.

Updated with new base font set for default (Dina)
A small and very readable monospaced font. You can tell 1 from l and so on...
While in the HTMLpage code, I updated anything kicking out deprecation warnings, before they became a problem.


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