rPath Linux 1.0.7 has released

rPath Linux, the first Linux distribution built using the groundbreaking Conary software management system, has released updated images for rPath Linux 1. The new images incorporate updates to the installation process and all package updates released as of September 26, 2007.

In particular, the installation images and installed system now include a Linux kernel, enabling installation on more recent hardware not supported by previous installation media. (Linux kernels for Xen support are in this release.)

If you have already installed rPath Linux 1, you should update your current system using Conary rather than reinstall using the new images. For information on managing Conary-based systems, see Conary QuickReference.

The 32-bit Xen domU image contains two kernels. One supports older Xen dom0 hosts with kernels that do not include PAE support. The other supports newer Xen dom0 hosts that do include PAE support. If you experience a boot failure in that domU image, select the other kernel. For more information on Xen domU support, please see Xen_DomU_Guide.
Where can I get it?

What is rPath Linux?

rPath Linux is a freely-available Linux operating system distribution, built with the Conary distributed software management system, supported and maintained by rPath, Inc. The rPath Linux distribution contains high-quality, up-to-date software, and is the base development platform for creating software appliances and purpose-built distributions using rBuilder Online.

rPath Linux is also a fully functioning Linux distribution in its own right. Installing rPath Linux is the easiest way to get familiar with using Conary to manage software and systems.

rPath offers formal support to customers who use rPath Linux to build software appliances.

Download rPath at here.


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